status What Does Frond Do For You?

Is Frond your comfort? Your creative expression, your art? Your Superhero?
Goodbye, Cherry!
The New Year brings a cascade of change for families, couples and individuals. For Frond, our growth in 2013 has led to a workspace transition. We have gone from our charming studio in downtown Cedar Rapids to a warehouse outside of the city where there is substantially more breathing room to meet the needs of our creative team as well as the demands of our customers!
Moving our warehouse has been an emotional experience. Gathering all of our beautiful creations has forced me into mindfulness. To give pause and recognize just how many innovative people pour their heart and soul into what Frond stands for.
Frond represents true creativity and all the mess and chaos that daily life brings to it. There is no way to package it all up with a neat and tidy bow. In the chaos lies the most raw beauty, the reality.
Hearing from all of our customers as we made our transition goes to show that Frond  is formed by your creations and Frond’s place in your lives! I am so honored you make Frond a part of your life. This is for you!
…and I choose Superhero 🙂
Super Frond

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