image Evolving and Graduating in the Month of May

Grad 127Frond at Spring Market 2014

Graduation and Market 2014

When the day that lies ahead of me…seems impossible to face…when someone else instead of me, always seems to know the way…THEN I LOOK AT YOU! And the world’s alright with me 🙂
My oldest daughter Aubrey sent these Bill Withers lyrics to me when I was at Market. I used to sing this to my girls almost every morning. It was so true- the morning could be full of stress but then I would look into their beautiful brown eyes and everything was ok. It was a great reminder.

Market was a beautiful weekend with great energy! Thanks to everyone who supported us! Our kits and cuts have been flying out of our warehouse. As soon as I got back I had to face the fact that my youngest daughter was graduating. So we prepared for the festivities and focused on fun.
Now it is back to the grindstone and we are continuing to get our office and showroom together at our new warehouse.
It is so beautiful thanks to some very talented craftsmen.

We will be posting some cool photos of our progress!
I am working on some new collections and we have some beautiful lines already in the works.
So sit back and enjoy this beautiful start to Summer 2014!


  1. I would love to see a pattern for the Records, I could see those as placemats, a table runner or put in frames and hung up on a wall.

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