Settling In at Delve MIY

After trying ad nauseum to shoot a video blog for today, I’ve given up.  At least for now. I had so wanted to give Delve MIY followers a little virtual tour of this beautiful space – showing customers many of the beautiful things we have here and giving quilt shop owners ideas on how to merchandise Frond’s extraordinary fabrics in their own shops.  But alas, I’ve got some serious “operator error” going on (I’m very electronically challenged) or my phone and computer are simply tired.

We’ll go with the latter as I’m the tiniest bit sensitive about my electronically challenged status.

Instead I’ll just attach a few still shots of this absolutely beautiful place, called Delve MIY.  I can say, without any hesitation whatsoever, that Delve MIY is the most beautiful and soulful place I have ever worked.  And the customers appear to feel the same way.

I may have to volunteer for another day during the week.


In any case, I did get some work done on the Gerbera Daisy painting.  I’m not sure if this painting will be used for fabric, but it’s certainly stirring up some ideas for a new collection.  When I check in next week, perhaps I’ll have this painting long finished and others in the works.  We’ll see.

In the meantime, #whatareyoumakingtoday?

Rose Craig
Designer, Frond Design Studios


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