Sewing Saturday

This Saturday was a big deal for a lot of reasons.  For some people it was the first Farmer’s Market of the season, for others it was a family get together, a fundraising walk, a state soccer tournament or a local BBQ Festival.  For me it was a Sewing Saturday.

Even though most of my Saturdays are spent sewing, this one was special.  For one it was my first day at DelveMIY.

I got to spend the day sewing, cutting and embroidering.  I also got to spend the day talking to customers, visiting with friends and spending time with this beautiful girl.


I rediscovered the joys of embroidery – namely the ability to multitask while the machine did the work.


I got to play with my new favorite threads, Sulky’s 30 wt cotton Blendables.


And I’ve inched closer to every sewer’s dream – my own personal cutter!  Kaye England once inspired me to yearn for not only a really nice rotary cutter, but an actual human to do the cutting for you!


It was a day spent doing what I love.  You can’t ask for more than that.



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