Movie Monday

So all the sewing and prep I did on Saturday culminated in our video shoot this morning.  Our friends down the hall here at the Cherry Building De Novo Alternative Marketing came down and shot some tutorials for some of our upcoming projects.  They were such a joy to work with.

IMG_5232 (1)

We used some of my favorite BERNINA accessories.

IMG_5245  IMG_5240


One of them is the #83 circle maker!  It’s so cool. It makes perfect circles!  This is a quick peek at an upcoming pattern using our Backyard Nature Study fabric line which will be arriving at the warehouse any day now.

Now don’t think I just went around in circles today, we also shot a tutorial working with laminate fabrics and the bias binder attachment as well as one that featured endless embroidery and some jumbo piping.

But beyond sharing the techniques shooting the videos really clarified the name of our creative space DelveMIY for me.

My invitation to you is to take your Frond fabrics, find a project and Delve in and Make It Yourself!



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