Beauty and Expression

Beauty is all around us. If you choose to see it, you will find it. So much in life is that way.

Today, in the land of Delve (Frond’s working artist studio and storefront) beauty was found.

My husband, Louis Collins, chose to take a moment and enjoy the creativity in the air. It was wonderful to have his comfortable presence here.

After seeking inspiration, he took a gorgeous photo and made it look like a painting! I was delighted and of course want him to print one off for our home.

He also took time to sit on the green couch and write. Words moved through his pen, onto the paper. I would sneak a peek at him, trying not to disturb the creativity flowing. Watching an artist at work always a delight.



Other highlights to my day included starting to draft a pattern and sew a dress with Rose’s new fabric line called Genesis. That line takes my breath away. The paintings in it are ethereal and mystical. Sigh…..I want to climb in and visit the world she created.

Perhaps, I will let you see the dress tomorrow. Stay tuned.

I also worked on a new painting. It has heavy, soulful brushstrokes. Soon, you can see that too…….I think……hmmnnnn….you might have to come visit to see it……I am not sure.

My day had an added blessing of assisting my mother-in-law pick out fabric for her office. We sent texts back and forth through the decision process. She decided on Strength in the Sumi-é  collection by Karen Kurka Jensen. It was a good choice for her project!

We have so many gorgeous fabrics to chose for home decor projects, I hope you consider Frond fabrics for your home.

Well, I will chat at you tomorrow.

See ya!

Melissa Marie Collins

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