Show and Share

There is nothing, NOTHING we love better than seeing your work.  YOUR work.  What inspires us to create beautiful fabric is seeing what that fabric inspires in you.  When you share with us what you’ve made with Frond fabrics it makes our hearts soar. Plus sometimes we’re so busy designing fabrics and patterns we don’t get to sew everything we want to.  Who does?  So when we get to see your work we get a little thrill, like we’re sewing vicariously through you!

Sherry Schons stopped into DelveMIY today to share her latest creation with us, this gorgeous ensemble made with our Sumié fabric.  Isn’t it gorgeous?

IMG_5681 IMG_5682

And today she took home more fabric for matching dresses for her and her newborn Granddaughter Hazel.  Can’t wait to see those!

So this is your invitation to sew and share.  Tell us #whatdidyoumaketoday?

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