Sewing In Circles?

At Frond Design Studios we have several different sample makers.  One seamstress, Miss Mary really has a thing for circles.  She has designed many a quilt with appliquéd circles.  I always gave her a hard time about it because I always considered them fussy and difficult – and she’s fun to tease.

Well recently I decided to recreate one of her designs and was pleased to find a cool and simple tool in my sewing drawer which made the circles simple and fun!  So fun in fact that I filmed a video tutorial for the technique!

You can check out the Well Rounded quilt featured here:


And if you love circles check out some of Mary’s other creations!

Screen_Shot_2013_11_14_at_3.51.17_PM__32108.1384466368.350.850Pattern_Morse_Code_web__30908.1373137813.350.850 Screen_Shot_2013_11_14_at_4.33.58_PM__78303.1384468533.350.850

If you’re a hands’ on learner you can join us at Crafty Corner in Worthington, Minnesota Friday September 25th!

I love the BERNINA Circle Maker tool!  What’s your favorite technique for making circles?



  1. What is the brand of the fusible web you used? But it didn’t really fuse, did it? Where can I purchase the web? Thanks!

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