OMG, I love your bag!


Every time I carry my Joe Cool shopper someone nearly squeals, “Oh my God, I love your bag!  Where did you get it?”  Of course I grin and say very modestly, “I made it.”

(In the spirit of full disclosure that is not me rocking the Joe Cool Shopper, but my gorgeous daughter.  But I did make the bag.  The kid too I guess.)

People are always amazed.  Even the seamstresses and quilters are shocked because they have never seen fabric like we produce at Frond Design Studios.  The hand generated art gives a depth and definition of color you can’t get from even the most advanced computer program.  Add to the beautiful floral print, the bag is made in our laminate.  Yes, we have laminated fabrics!!!!

We took some of our best sellers and had them reprinted as home dec fabrics, gorgeous light weight canvas and a beautiful drapey laminate.




We’ve made picnic blankets, pillows, wall hangings, umbrellas, rain coats and bags, yes, back to the bag!


Earlier in the year we teamed up with BERNINA USA, becoming an Ambassador.  Part of what that means is we get to play with an 880 in the studio and I’m always looking for ways to sew smarter, not harder!  So when I revisited the Joe Cool Shopper bag I thought it was the perfect candidate to use one of my favorite BERNINA accessories – the bias binder attachment.  I mean the thing is pure genius!

So we filmed a little video for you that shows you the basic steps of the bag pattern which will be available on the website next week and the awesome bias binder attachment.  Enjoy!

Check out our other video tutorial using the BERNINA circle maker tool, our ambassador bio on the and our crib sheet tutorial featuring the adorable Baby Jackson!  Happy Thursday and Happy Sewing!


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  1. Just saw you in a Quilt magzine. WOW love all of them . What about your prices. Be nice to know I can afford it,

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