Festival of Trees/ Cedar Rapids

Making The Ornaments…


It was a nice warm evening Thursday at DelveMIY as we prepared for the cold to move in and The Festival of Trees decorating on Friday 11/18/16. We just returned from Quilt Festival in Houston, TX from a sultry 80+ degrees and now we were being thrown into winter. Our feisty team Melissa Marie Collins and Paige Hagemann can be seen through the window working feverishly to develop this “great idea” I had for the tree. The newest addition to our amazing team is Brianna, and she sorted through the scrap basket to find some treasures…

Armed with the best, Bernina sewing machines from Inspired To Sew they forged on. I had some black wool felt for some reason at the warehouse and brought it over to Delve. Melissa and I collaborated about the vision to place real plants on an artificial tree. I had seen Wooly Pockets in the gardening world and thought “Why not?”


My curious little succulent table I created for Country Gardens Magazine years ago has continued to produce these beautiful little plants that greet us each morning with a smile. I decided to share that smile with the people that come through for the Festival of Trees. Whenever I experience a design challenge like this, I am so energized by it and at the same time wanting everyone to love it as much as I do.

Usually if I just listen to my heart, it works out.

It did. The tree was a success! Everyone has been talking about the tree with the live plants! Who would think to put live plants on a tree? Stuff ornaments with scraps? Wrap up ornaments with fabric? It all worked out to give the color pop we wanted and make the Christmas Season come alive for us and for all who attended…

It went away on the truck today and I wished my little plant smiles love and peace for whomever they greet tomorrow morning 🙂

img_0501    –Stephanie Brandenburg

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