Cookie Walk…

It usually starts with… “we’re doing something, are you interested”? A Webster Groves community event. Of course! And, par for the course, we ‘Delve’ on in.  A cookie walk, you say? This make it yourself fabric store can handle that! Simple stuff.

1. 1st is the sign up. Check.          cookie-walk
Wait… 500 cookies? Did I hear you correctly? This is a 2 hour event.
OK, no problem. We’ve got this. 

2. We’ll just collect a couple of delicious, simple recipes and do a little shopping. Check.

Soft and Chewy M&M cookies 
Soft and Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies

Hmm. Conversion? Oh, just throw a couple of extra sticks of butter into the cart, call it good.

3. Should we make it at your house or mine? Who’s coming? Ohhhh, look I found a few more recipes:-) lets do this. We’re in the holiday spirit now! 

Image result            


#The Novel Neighbor in Webster Groves and #Next Page Books in NewBo have wonderful character and selections to choose from!

4. All mixed up and ready to go. Check. Say what? It’s 11pm? Already? Ok, plan B. We’re packing up the pans and headed for St Louis in the morning. We’ll bake fresh. Oh, this is perfect.

5. Bake it baby! After this weave class, we’ll get to that oven. If we start by 8pm, no problem. Check. Uh.. slight problem. We can bake 2 dozen at a time… 10 min each batch… 42 dozen… yikes. We’re talking at least 4 hours! Well.. such is life. We might be able to sneak a few more in the am before the store opens. No worries.

And, so the story goes:-) Oh my oh my. Its not the holidays without burning a little midnight oil and baking a few cookies for a few friends. We’ve captured some snapshots along our journey… Flour, confusion, laughter. What.. they didn’t save?! OK, next time!!

For now, lets keep the holidays in check. Remember what is important this time of year. “Make the holidays meaningful- a reflection of your values, beliefs and passions,” says Kylie Alger with The Well-Woman in The Gazette newspaper on 12-2-2016. She shares her ‘recipe’ tips:

1. Be present
2. Be grateful
3. Create meaningful traditions
4. Be intentional with your gifts
5. Better to give then receive
6. Light a prayer candle
7. Send good thoughts

I resonated with Kylie’s message and hope you do too. Happy Holidays everyone. Oh, and.. enjoy those cookies!  Just make a few less next time:-)

~ Michelle & the cookie squad: Stephanie, Melissa, Chet, Nichole and Rylee



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