Spring Clean Your Studio

We are participating in a Blog Hop led by Cheryl Sleboda from Muppin.Com. For the month of May, you can hop from blog to blog and see studios and pick up inspiration!

Before we dig into sharing our studio with you, let’s start with an introduction of who we are!

Delve MIY is a showroom for Frond Design Studios, a fabric company based in Cedar Rapids, Iowa that specializes in Artisan Fabrics. Our goal is to provide innovative designs that add beauty to your home and sewing. All of our fabrics begin with original art and we work hard for the end product to contain the same look and feel as the original. We have two showrooms, one in Cedar Rapids and one in St. Louis, MO.

Today we will be sharing from our Cedar Rapids location.

Here is the view as you walk in the side door. You are seeing our infamous umbrellas, raincoat, kinetic lights, and abundance of plants.

As you walk into Delve, color begins to touch your senses. We mix our vibrant fabrics with beautiful antiques.

Here you can find our latest project. We are working with Dr. Tererai Trent to build an artisan center in Zimbabwe. The mission is to ‘Do Good’. Half of the proceeds of the items shown are donated towards this mission. 

We have fabric from seven different Frond artists shown throughout. Original art hangs next to quilts and fiber art pieces.

Further along, you come to our personal studio where we have the tools that help complete our visions. We have a Nolting Longarm that we truly enjoy. They are a Cedar Rapids company and we are honored to be aligned with them.

We have a Bernina 880 that has become a good friend to us. Many hours have been spent producing samples on this deluxe machine. This is another Industry Alliance for us.

A little further back leads to our public studio where our classes are held.

Showing is the view from the classroom back into the main area that I shared a few pictures from.

We have retired quilts hanging on the wall that are available for purchase and freely offer inspiration to all.

We offer many different classes that are as innovative as our fabrics. Our goal is to be inclusive to all skill levels and unlock creativity. Students are encouraged to simply show up and we will provide the rest. You can find them listed here on our website. Register online or in person!

At both Delve’s there is much to see. We will plan on sharing our St. Louis showroom soon to you!

We were recently featured in Quiltfolk, the Iowa edition 02, and recommend purchasing a copy. It is a new bookazine full of excellent photography and great articles. It is truly a page turner.


Thank you for joining us today. Here is a list of blogs that are also participating in the Blog Hop.

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May 20 – Jane Davila – http://www.janedavila.com

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