The Making of Fresh Flowers

Soon our team will release a fresh new concept that we are excited about. We cut Stephanie’s flowers out of the panel and created an oversized flower garden with them.

Artist, Melissa Marie Collins is going to share the background story that went into the making of it. Grab a cup of coffee (tea or wine) and enjoy!
Hello all! This quilt is my favorite that I have made to date. I feel blessed that it moved through my hands and chose me. Everything I create has a story and I am excited to share with you the creation Fresh Flowers.

It started off with an upcycle of a dropcloth from Delve’s make and take table. I was obsessed with the idea of making a modern quilt out of it.

I cut up the dropcloth into strips and pieced some of our vivid fabrics in with it.

It turned out really cool but, I was stuck there. The quilt wanted so much more. I could hear it. But what? Time was ticking. I wanted it to be ready for QuiltCon and it was the week we were leaving.
I texted my friend, Cheryl. She gets my Frond vibe. Within the hour, we were drinking coffee at Delve and discussing what to do.
Then she said it. The idea. Make it a FLOWER GARDEN!!
My jaw dropped with the brilliance.

We have never taken Stephanie’s large flowers and made them into a garden.

The oversized look would be incredible!

That was it! I knew what to do!

So I got busy.

This quilt became my obsession.

I sewed late into many nights at Delve using the Knolting long arm and Bernina 880. It was getting done. I was riding the creative wave of inspiration. My husband, Louis, joined me often. One evening late into the night, I found him asleep at the counter in a chair. It made my heart warm that he chose to be there with me.

The quilt was finished up on time……barely.

Our first evening on Tybee Island, after show set up for QuiltCon, I spent on the couch with a glass of wine finishing the binding, pushing my hands to be speedy. It was all worth it. The quilt turned out better than I had dreamed. And it looked awesome in our booth!

One of the ideas that had to happen in the creating of the quilt, was adding textures to the flowers. Recently, we have been exploring layers of sheers placed over fabric with threads and fabric remnants piled under it. It is my signature Thread Punk™concept. It utilizes the remnants of our studio in an unconventional manner and is revolutionary. The vibe when you do this technique is off the charts. Here is a close up look at it.

It is liberated and gorgeous! Adds texture and creates a 3-D look to the quilt.

This quilt has not stayed home since it was created. It has seen many cities and shows. Currently, it is visiting our St. Louis Delve MIY in Webster Groves. Recently, we did a photo shoot with it at the local garden store,  The quilt loved being there and smiling pretty.

Due to the warm reception of the quilt and the number of requests, we will be offering this technique as a class in the Delve locations, as well as a travel class. Coming soon, will be a visual pattern booklet that will break down the steps in a simple manner for all to enjoy.
Thank you for joining us today! Stay tuned for more revolutionary ideas by your favorite fabric company, Frond Design Studios.
-Melissa Marie Collins


  1. Melissa, what a creative person you are and the concept is perfect! I, too, like to pair frond fabrics with modern twists and this is a home run 🙂

  2. Have you completed the booklet breaking down the steps for this quilt yet, I purchased the fabrics at the Sewing Expo in Cleveland in March 2018 and would like very much to start this quilt and the breakdown would be sooooo helpful.

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