Sari Not Sari

I am really excited to announce that Frond Design Studios will be distributing the beautiful Sari Ribbon we get from Leilani Arts and use in all of our Threadpunk™. We will be loading these beautiful colors on our website soon for wholesale and retail so watch for that!

Miss Penny has joined our Frond team. She and Zuzu Petals are greeters at our office door. Bentley is in there somewhere too. Those are the crazy days when we are home and off the road.

The Borealis quilt I was playing with because those colors are amazing!! I am not the best paper piecer but Mary is going to save me (as usual) so I am really excited to see this project finished. We will have kits available of course. I am working on a painting for a new collection coming soon…

The beautiful edible garden is just one of many concepts we will have in our showroom. We are going to feature our trade show props for sale as well as feature Marc Brandenburg’s antique collection for sale. We are really excited to finally get these products in the store. Keep checking in with us online and in store. It changes everyday.

Also please check our website for our web sale.


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