Walking by Lola’s Bakery and Restaurant in Sturgeon Bay, WI this summer I started singing the Lola song in my head from the timeless classic from Sarah Vaughan. So when I returned home I was inspired to have a meeting with my work and the work of other artists here at Frond. I had to name our new collection LOLA because it is sassy and confident. We have been sassy and confident this year in our showroom, our education program, our shows on the road and now it is time to be sassy in our fabric. To unapologetically say “This is who we are and we are proud of that.” Not in a boastful way but with confidence to get our Frond message out there. To talk about why Frond is different. Why it means something to us and to people who support Frond. Frond Fabrics are an ecosystem. When you buy Frond you also get education and direction in how to help them sell in your store. We are constantly developing new projects and patterns, handbags, quilt models and garments to translate our art fabrics. But the most satisfying part about what we do is to see what you do. Please post your amazing projects on our facebook page or email them over. Check out this amazing quilt shared with me at Creekside Quilting in Clive, IA this past week.


We have created a Greatest Hits Volume 1 on our website for our customers who requested we reprint some of our beautiful prints. You can log on to and pre purchase to make sure you get a chance to buy some of these great hits.

Embrace your inner LOLA and come see us at Houston Quilt Market Booth #2141




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