Dormant Seedlings

As we begin a new year, the month of January steeps in my mind like the dormant seedlings in rich ground waiting for their turn to burst forth in the Spring. That’s the way I see my creativity. We are working behind the scenes to create these beautiful art pieces that will debut at our upcoming Frond shows. It is full of excitement and challenges as we try to translate our art ideas into patterns for you to play too!

This year we said goodbye to our St Louis location but hello to a fabulous industry partner, Jackman’s in St Louis and Fairview Heights. I’ve learned a lot this year. I learned to be direct and firm about the success and direction of this business. I learned to be as passionate about that as I am about the art. I learned to be like Thor (one of my son’s favorite characters) and run toward the challenges I face not to run away from them or get steamrolled by them. To look for the possibilities and opportunities… to be fierce.

I’ve learned to reach out my hand and embrace another. From the customers showing off their amazing Frond creations to Industry partners like Cherrywood (another woman owned business) I continue to reach out to any creative spirit willing to delve into our Frond style.

As we run into 2019 we will be fierce, we will build and we will continue to create the amazing art, fabrics, patterns and home dec you have come to expect from Frond Design Studios. Happy New Year everyone and thanks for your continued support!


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