El Derecho

Many of you may not have heard of the serious storm that whirled itself through the Midwest on Monday August 10, 2020. It was truly unprecedented in our area. Many families have had to work together to gather food, share power and learn how to use chain saws correctly.

There have been such challenges in the aftermath. Electricity is still out throughout town, navigating through insurance claims, roofs caved in and whole homes deemed uninhabitable. People still need our help. If you have extra charcoal, propane, ice or want to donate please check www.kcrg.com to see where you can make a difference.

We were blessed in that none of our family members were injured our killed but some were not as fortunate and as we wade through the storm cleanup we are warned that in 14 days we could experience an outbreak of Covid 19 as many ditched mask protocol to answer the need for help in the unrelenting heat.

These are uncertain times and the pressure weighs heavy. But as I woke up each morning to creatively find what I could make and take to my family and friends working so hard, I gathered strength thinking of so many who have endured so much more. This thread we all share.

This week we are reminded to think of the people around the world dealing with so much in their own communities. El Derecho has reminded me that sometimes we do don’t know what someone else is dealing with in their life. There was minimal national coverage for our experience in the media.

We need to be present and love one another.

Frond has shortened our hours just a tinge- we are open 10-4 for a bit. We will keep you posted as we move into autumn and school. We also have a new Happy Hour Special so hop on our site www.fronddesignstudios.com to check em out. Stay Safe All!

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