Butterflies in the Hurricane

I designed a fabric with my Metamorphosis Collection called Butterflies in the Hurricane. I would joke with guests that was the story of my life.

The Derecho storm ripped through the Midwest on August 10, 2020.

The Midwest has experienced tornados, hail, and straight line winds but truly nothing like this. Now, I know it wasn’t featured on a national level but it impacted our community like nothing before. In the middle of a global pandemic, some forgot their masks as they asked their neighbor if they needed help.

Now, I don’t like to use the term “Iowa Nice” it implies that Iowans are just nice in general. We are not always. We are however Iowa Strong. If we are blocked in we get the chain saws out and get unblocked. If our neighbor is trapped in we help out.

The aftermath has been a patchwork of politics, positioning and policies.

On top of that many parents are struggling to plod through the school commitments whether their young ones are online or in person. I am one of those parents. So I am feeling a bit overwhelmed for the first time in a long time.

So last Saturday I was late getting to the studio. Rita, featured in the corner photo makes beautiful blouses and garments with our amazing Frond fabrics! I always love to see what people do with our awesome designs and the garments alway get my wheels turning… She called my cell and asked if I was on my way. I was. Another couple was also waiting for me in the parking lot. I was so embarassed and ‘verhoodled’ as our Amish quilter friends say. So I jumped out of the truck and said “Let me get the lights on and I’ll be ready for you.” I smiled and ran frantically to the back of the warehouse to flip the lights.

Finally I opened the door and welcomed them into the studio. I said ” Bear with me as I am reorganizing the space again.” As Rita was checking out I said ” I am so sorry for being late this morning. I am so glad you called and waited for me. I have been a little overwhelmed through the week managing my son’s school and we had also been at my mom’s to make sure her roof was ok after the storm.” She said “No problem, I understand I had just had to get away for awhile so I am going to visit my daughter today and I thought I’d stop here first.” I nodded and thanked her and she went on her way.

As I was visiting with the other gal Suanne, who had waited too, she mentioned that she and Rita had been visiting while they waited for me. Suanne said she felt so bad for her because a tree had fallen directly on their home and they were still struggling with that and had to live in their lower level. Rita mentioned that sewing helps her deal with this stress.

I felt very blessed that day. I was so happy to be a little part of that peace we can all find. Even though I rattled on about my craziness it is something we all have in our lives. It is a good reminder to take the time to visit with each other during this time and help to understand each other.

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