Whew! Is Anybody Else Tired Out There?

Some Things Never Change

Hey everybody! How are you all doing? Since we last spoke we have gotten through a strange holiday season, a few crises in our country and made it through the first month of 2021! YAY US! HOORAY!

While all of this has been happening I have been painting. Every night after frond work I go upstairs and paint.

As an artist it has been really difficult and frankly terrifying to saunter up the stairs each night and hope and pray that you all can see a little light in the darkness during these times. As an artist I want to bring that to you. I want to bring you hope, creative energy and pass that creative baton over to you as I have in the past with our Frond Collections. I feel like the Olympic runner with the torch running hope and positivity to you in a real way. Now, I would feel better about myself if I was actually running!!!

I want to be clear. Yes we are all exhausted but there are so many people out there working through this pandemic, scared everyday. As I do the ‘normal’ things in life, like go to the grocery store, communicate with my son’s teachers (he is working virtually as he has since last March) and run to the post office I am always struck by the beauty in the people I encounter. Courteous, loving and gracious is the norm. People make sure they are masked and 6 ft away. We have a local ordinance here for masks so that is not a huge issue. It makes me proud to be in the fabric and sewing machine industry at this time to find solutions to overwhelming issues just in making masks, donating fabric, offering fabric at discounts to offset the challenges of others donating masks, gear etc.

We are in unprecedented times. I have discovered we are unprecedented people. I know in my own life as a young mom I made something out of nothing everyday. Birthdays, valentine cards, school projects and I am so thankful to the beautiful women in my life who supported my paintings and honored my vision with original art in their own homes. But as an historian I can say this is nothing new. I have seen the quilts of our past, most are museum worthy, made from the old, worn dresses of their children or dresses of their own.

The quilts of the past are a beacon for us now. This is what drives my art in fabric. I am so excited to realease this new collection with Northcott for you but I am more excited to see what amazing things you do with it! Thanks to all of you for supporting art in fabric! Thank you so much for supporting Frond. We will be reopening to all in late February and we have some great machines here if you need a fix.


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