Every Day Is A Funeral

How tangled we are in our crazy lives! As I sit here in my brother’s house listening to children snoring and syncopated Irish music playing softly in the background, I marvel at the role of family, the winding road life takes as it deposits people into our familes and takes them away and we are like a buoy in the water unable to chart our path but tethered together trying to stay afloat.

When we have funerals in our lives, they are times of sadness, struggle and ritual. We gather in the tidal wave of the shock and despair. We dress up and get it together to honor the loved one who has moved on. We hold each other and treasure little pieces of the memories that start flooding in through a song, a fragrance or a slip of hand writing on a paper. Those pieces take us back to the safe place we had when they were here with us. Laughing.

Through this strange time of Covid it has been a gift to realize how much we need each other and not to take the simple things forgranted. My lesson has been every day is a funeral. Every day we should see our loved ones when we can, safely. We should call them and chat. Take time. We would take the time if it was for a funeral. We would fall into the ritual. We would give whatever we could to support our loved ones dealing with loss. So let’s do it now while our loved ones are here. Why wait for the funeral?

This is the lesson from Covid for me. Be kind. Think about family and friends. As we emerge from the Covid cocoon let’s plan to fly. Fly to see our loved ones. Fly to remember what is important. Fly to listen. Fly to be more aware of how fragile we are. Fly to appreciate the warm sun, smiling eyes and new adventures!

I’ve got some really great fabrics coming your way soon.

My Northcott release is 4/15/21 and man are they organized! I will be doing some videos and showing you some great ways to use these unconventional designs.

I think about so many things as I paint my way through life. I hope you not only love them but are inspired by them to put something beautiful into this world. Whether you are giving a hug through a quilt or designing a room Frond is here to help you stay motivated and creative. Call a loved one. Happy St Patty’s Day!!

If you are near Lakeland, FL this weekend come see us! I’ll be the buoy in the Frond booth…

One comment

  1. Reading this with morning coffee, foggy morning here in Indiana with fat bulldog snoring away and the usual jumble of news on tv. What lovely thoughts you have shared and how true in these times. You are an artist with fabric and words!

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