Real Time

It seems everything happens in real time. One minute we are running in one direction, the next it is a pivot.

Art is elusive, combine that with business and it can be quite the dance.

As everything Frond, this is a mismatchy collective of the chaos that happens here everyday. When I say the chaos… I mean it in a good way. The chaos is just a way to illustrate how the experience could differ from the norm.

I get a bit jealous of the norm. As I teach around the country and experience quilt guild relationships, I am always so honored to meet the people who have asked me to come over and share my experience with them. They tell me about their lives and relationships and I am honored to become a friend.

We went to Houston for the first time since 2019. So many things had changed. In 2019 we had our independent Frond booth 52 feet long! Rose asked “Can you take this weird booth? You always bring unconventional things.” I said yes! But it was a challenge…

At that time, our lease was up in our studio/showroom in Cedar Rapids and I was mourning the fact that I had not gotten to be at that beautiful shop in the way that I wanted to. It was like I was on auto pilot everywhere. I didn’t want to give up on my chance to work at this beautiful venue but management had changed, injustices were prevalent and we loaded up a 26ft Penske and headed south! We left that location with a wink and a smile… and maybe a sigh and a cry.

We rocked it! We had a beautiful booth fueled by the dogged effort to never give up. No matter what.

Little did we know our biggest challenge would be coming our way as Covid started creeping in soon after the New Year.

That is a blog post for another time. For now, let’s be happy we got to be in Houston again. Together. Face to face. Shortly after that I got to see beautiful people in Wisconsin for two quilt guild trunk shows and a beautiful visit! I am honored to become a friend! 🙂 Thank you!

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