Ready Or Not!

No apologies!

These are the scans on a glossy paper print to show the mill how to lay out the design. Wild Night Coming in June 2023

These are the scans on a glossy paper print to show the mill how to lay out the design. Ships in April 2023

Frond Design Studios offers a vision of art. These collections are not only beautiful, they offer an interactive experience to blend from one line to another. These videos are featuring collections the sales people are showing to stores right now. These lines won’t ship to the stores until next year but the scans are so amazing to see how the lines can work together. So many people have asked me about the Fulton Grain Sack piece with the eagle in the middle. I will tell you… this was an actual grain sack produced from 1930s-1950s and I asked a local gallery at the time here in Fairfax, IA to stretch an original grain sack onto stretcher bars for art like one would an art canvas. The canvas texture was so similar to this grain bag and I loved the symbolism of the eagle. It is the epitomy of faith in our heartland, the eagle flying over the wheat and grain farmers, like a blessing. Sometimes when I am having a tumultuous day, driving down the road, I will catch the majestic flight of an eagle flying above my car. I think of it as a blessing, a nod, a pause.

This week we did the tech work on many sewing machines as people want to put their gift projects and dreams together. We reset the displays throughout the entire warehouse and we had our wrap up meeetings for collections and simultaneously sent graphics for the new collections coming for the new collections next year. I know this will be no surprise but Frond Design Studios will always produce beauty and saturated color. It is what we do. It is why I came into this industry, to kick the doors down and say “Hey we can have something authentic, deep and true.” Why? Because I’ve seen it in vintage quilts and new quilts. I’ve seen it in lacework. I’ve seen it in needlework. This work usually made by anonymous hands.

I worked at my mom’s shop Fern Hill in South Amana and I was infused with vintage items. I love them. These pieces of our history will always be a part of me. You can see the beauty in Farmhouse Decorating, Shabby Chic and that cottage style decor. This is where our Fulton Grain Sack comes into play. Instead of spending $40.00 or more on an original you can bring the look into your home for the price of a panel and create your own art!

Frond is here because of a passion to put art into fabric. This consistent message has rang true since the beginning of Frond in 2012. I have been at shows and taught classes where people come up to me and tell me, crying, they were done with sewing and quilting but this product inspires them. Let’s keep inspiring each other and sharing our experiences. Let’s support each other and hand off that creative baton to the next creator. That is what it is all about.

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