Unbridled Creativity

Stop the world I want to get off…

Creativity is a strange partner. When it has me, it has ALL of me… just like the song.

It is a strange dance between color and emotion, then reception. My work will always be different, edgy and saturated but I will always challenge you as the fiber artist you are, to keep pushing. Frond will continue to challenge you, push you through the fiber art experience and bring you peace on the other side.

Many will say they have developed fabric in this way. The truth is no one has, prior to Stephanie Brandenburg and Frond Design Studios. Each design is hand painted, brushstrokes and all. Do you know there are new technological developments and programs out there where you can just submit an image and have it filtered out to an art printer?!

I wanted to show some photos of where I come from. These beautiful garden sheds and projects were produced because I was fortunate enough to work among these beautiful, strong men and women! They were produced because of beautiful spirits.

We are in strange times for sure, but the legacy of quilting and sewing is so strong. We need to make sure future fashion designers have a place to understand proper construction. It is where the rubber meets the road as they say… basically where theory meets reality.

I will be releasing a few beautiful new collections with Northcott for the September 2023 Release and I so appreciate your support and enthusiasm.

Thank you!


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