Frond 10 Years Old Chapter 2

When there are challenges in life I try to hit pause and process.

Sometimes the hurricane sweeps us up and says no, you will deal with me now.

Everything is fine. It’s fine.

That is what we tell ourselves. It has to be fine, because if it is isn’t then what does that look like?

When I started Frond Design Studios it was a breaking point. I was steeped in the life of small business. My mother, reluctantly started her business Fern Hill about 36 years ago. My father thought it would be a great idea. I marvel at what that decision brought to me. I have met beautiful, amazing people. Fern Hill was named after the beautiful poem by Dylan Thomas about his days on the farm. That is the feeling Fern Hill built through the years and you feel that way when you saunter around the building. I worked at Fern Hill for about 20 years originally starting to get through college but then I fell in love with merchandising and design.

My experience at Fern Hill led to projects with Country Gardens Magazine, designing quilting cottons for the fabric industry, then quilts and home dec projects. It led me to start Frond Design Studios a business with a female founder in a heavily female driven industry.

I have included in the photos above, our show crew for Fern Hill, Carolyn, mom and me, our first booths to market the fledgling Frond business, different approaches to marketing, some of the projects I got to create with Country Gardens Magazine, logistical issues of shipping stocking etc. and beautiful new ideas for the sewing world.

Frond began on the third floor of The Cherry Building, an artist community. We had 650 square feet to build our shelves and ship product in and out. The mission was clear to feature hand painted art in fabric.

The first year included Spring Quilt Market, Trend Shows at EE Schenck, Fall Quilt Market in Houston and many great lessons. It was a fine first year.

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