Get a Life!

In this new crazy covid reality a couple of crazy artists get to hang out together and that can be dangerous…

A long time ago, I mean way back… I was on the road to a quilt guild presentation. I glanced at the beautiful countryside soaking in the setting sun while driving my van, loaded with fabric I designed and my dear friend Carolyn from Fern Hill (my mom’s store where the fabric design obsession began) we had just heard on the radio, the news that Michael Jackson had passed.

It was June 25, 2009.

I couldn’t believe it. It is one of those random things I remember but I remember it because it was a beautiful summer afternoon, my three beautiful daughters were still at home working their way through adolescence and I just lost a part of mine. I was traveling to share my novel fabric designs with this great group of women.

I would watch from the edge of the room as they welcomed each other. They knew each other and asked about how they were doing. Some would hug, some would nod and smile, some would meander about the room and then find a seat on a cold metal folding chair. The room smelled like percolated coffee, powdered coffee creamer and homemade goodies presented with pride by the members of the guild designated to make them this month.

I loved it! I loved seeing these friendships and dynamics but in truth, I was a little jealous. As an artist I was always out of place. I felt uprooted and different. In later years, I discovered there are many people who feel that way. The years for me, accelerated. Designing fabric led to promoting it all over the country, for years.

Fast… furious and forward. We stopped. Suddenly.

I have so many interesting stories and experiences while traveling to let people know about Frond and the unique way we see fabric, fabric design and quilting. We will be sharing them with you soon!

My experience now- is staying home with another Road Warrior, Rebecca!

Rebecca Evanovich of Redhead Ceramics is running circles around me during this quarantine! She is doing some art shows outside (#cdc guidelines) and/or shows that abide by the CDC guidelines and has been collaging at home and here at Frond like a fellow, crazy artist… she doesn’t quit.

Soooooooo, that means Frond will be debuting our beautiful, amazing collage line, a line Rebecca developed- AND the first Block of the Month tomorrow!!! This Block of the Month will begin October 2020 and run until next year. BUT since we are artists, we have been developing amazing options for you. There will be a myriad of choices for you to arrange these beauties for a final quilt project!

We will show that to you throughout the next week. We will get these beautiful art pieces up so you can join us!

So thank you! Thanks to all the beautiful peoople I got to meet in your worlds! Now I invite you to ours… buckle up!

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